My therapeutic approach is grounded in helping clients develop a clear understanding of their issues that prevent them from finding resolution and healing. I encourage and foster understanding, self-empowerment and hope. My sessions provide depth and insight which impacts a person's emotional well being and improves their relationship with people.

Learning how to cope and communicate your feelings instead of turning to self destructive behaviors and negative patterns is a large focus of my work. Developing an understanding, and applying solutions to replace distressing thoughts and behaviors, with better self expression & effective coping skills, is essential to the healing process.

Sometimes turning to a professional and receiving a different perspective can be helpful in resolving destructive patterns, negative feelings, and ongoing relational problems. I have worked successfully with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma and various relationship issues.

I look forward to working with you. Appointments are available in-person at my office in Encino, and available online throughout California

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