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Meet Michele Sherman of Encino
by Michele Sherman, MFT

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
As a young woman, I struggled with an eating disorder, very low self-esteem and depression compounded with a lack of family support which resulted with me feeling very lost and confused. Through the healing arts and therapy, I found my inner strength, healed myself, it took many years but it was worth the work I put into myself. Through my own healing, I wanted to help others learn to navigate their own lives and make healthier choices so they could feel empowered vs discouraged. ...Read more

Helping Your Kids Manage Schoolwork Overload
by Michele Sherman, MFT

Many young adults struggle academically as schoolwork becomes more challenging. These kids may have a history of low and/or high academic achievement, both of which need to be addressed consistently. With teen's and parent's experiencing life transitions and changes, it is easy for parents to miss the signs and symptoms that something can be wrong with their child. ...Read more

Looking Bullies in the Eyes: Bullying Tips for Teens & Adults
by Michele Sherman, MFT

Many parents are looking for answers and ways to help their children from becoming a target of bullying, a bystander or a bully. In this article, Michele Sherman, MFT, who has worked with families for more than fifteen years, stresses the importance of teaching and encouraging children to develop their communication skills in order to help them resolve internal and external conflicts. ...Read more

Empowering Families After A Divorce
by Michele Sherman, MFT

There are many reasons to take children for individual and/or family therapy during or after a divorce. As a therapist with fifteen years of experience working with adults, children and adolescents, I've found that the separation of divorce, along with the negative feelings and multiple losses, need to be processed for families to heal and work through issues. ...Read More

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