Coping With Anxiety And Depression During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a very exciting and turbulent period period for a newly expectant mother. The stages of pregnancy can bring about many changes from morning sickness, fatigue, body aches weight gain etc. For some pregnant women navigating through these stages is effortless and for other women it can be difficult. These changes can sometimes make it challenging to adjust into motherhood. This growth process can bring on emotional and physical growing pains that make it hard to understand and process on your own.

Some pregnant women have intensely emotional experiencs and feelings. Any imbalances in your primary, social and work relationships can be magnified during and right after pregnancy. For some women their are unresolved relational problems and stressors that come up during and after birth that need to be processed, in a safe environment. Research has shown that there is sometimes an increase of depressionin in pregnant women.. In addition 10% to 15% of pregnant/postpartum women suffer from major depression. If left untreated post partum depression can last for months and even years.Many hormonal changes can cause both anxiety and depression however, if these symptoms persist, you need to speak to your doctor to get help for yourself and your baby. Your emotional health is just as improtant as your physical health.

Working with a therapist can help you transition through this period in your life. You can learn effective ways to manage your symptoms so that you can feel more capable and confident in your abilities to take care of yourself and your baby. Both mother and spouse are experiencing changes in adjusting to raising a child which couold be temporarily impacting your ability to commnicate effectively. Its important that you get the right help for yourself so that you can feel good about yourself as a person, mother and partner.

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