Eating Disorders

Turning to Food For Love, Intimacy & Connection

"You are never strong enough that you dont need help"

- Cesar Chavez

Are you isolating yourself from people, places and things? Are you turning to food and or restricting, instead of forming intimate connections with yourself and other people? Is the pain of really living your life and pursuing your goals too much for you to think about? Are you so filled with fear, self-doubt and feelings of hopelessness, that food is the only thing you find comfort in?

Patient Stories

1) 50 year old single woman eating sweets at night, feeling terrified of gaining weight and being alone. She cannot stop her addiction to food. She is terrified of her own feelings. She has internalized feelings of shame and self-hatred. She is lonely and wants desperately to meet someone, however, has been unable to stop her destructive behaviors on her own.

2) 25 year old single man who utilizes food, laxatives and pills to cope with his depression, self-hatred and distorted body image.. He has been abusing himself with food for years, knows that he can’t keep going on this way. He feels out of control and unhappy in all areas of his life. He knows that without help his life will be unmanageable.

3) 14 year old girl starves herself, over exercises and desperately wants acceptance, recognition and love from her family and friends. She is unhappy and is suffering from anorexia nervosa, low self-esteem and masking her pain. She knows that she needs help before she is hospitalized.

All these people have underlining issues that are causing them to reach to or restrict food, instead of coping with life in more constructive ways. Many of these people did not learn how to nurture and comfort themselves. Turning to food provides a natural way to help numb the pain.

Once these women and men learned how to explore their feelings in a safe environment, develop healthier outlets and coping skills to navigate their lives, they were able to feel more in control of their lives instead of their addiction being in the driver seat.

The first step to solving a problem is to admitting that you have one. Finding the right support for your recovery is essential for living a healthy life.

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