The Benefits of EMDR Therapy

Listen to my appearance on the podcast Un/Invisible with Lauren Freedman below!

Lauren interviews another amazing health practitioner in this episode: Michele Sherman, MFT. Michele is a specialist in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, which can be extremely useful in overcoming traumas of all shapes and sizes. She runs a practice out of Encino, CA.

Key links mentioned in this episode:
Michele Sherman, MFT
Psychology Today

Listen in as Michele reveals…

  • why EMDR is an effective and fast treatment for trauma
  • how EMDR works
  • why EMDR is really a mind-body treatment, and has helped patients surviving eating disorders, PTSD, childhood trauma, grief, loss, anxiety, depression, and sleep problems, among other concerns
  • how EMDR allows patients to release unconsciously held pain in their bodies (when associated with trauma)
  • how EMDR treats a root cause for a solution and change
  • the importance of universal mental healthcare coverage
  • the importance of normalizing variations in mental health among individuals, and offering resources and advocacy
  • that there is help out there, and we need to de-stigmatize the search for treatment
  • that employers should offer opportunities and education on healthcare incentives, because it’s their job to provide access to help – and health
  • that social media is a form of isolation, and leads to depression among millennials
  • that being depressed doesn’t have to be a way of life

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